Objective of the project

Music visualization

The idea of creating technology for visualizing musical works in real time has been around for decades. But to implement this idea, until now it has not been possible, on the one hand for technical reasons, and on the other hand due to the lack of serious developments in the field of music visualization theory. Activities in this direction belong to a new type of electronic decorative art, which is closely related to research in the field of human perception of music with its association with visual images. But even despite the rudimentary possibilities of electronics in the 60-80s of the last century, light music was of great interest. The economic crisis of the end of the last century contributed to the decline of this art form. But among enthusiasts, work continued, new approaches and solutions were sought for the development of this idea.

Studies conducted by our team to create the foundations of the theory of visualization and the implementation of a number of new ideas, as well as testing prototypes of the so-called svetomusic, showed that for the implementation of this direction, there is a positive development trend. Developed fundamentals of visualization technology yielded amazing results.

The main task of svetomusic can be formulated as obtaining the effect of enhancing the perception of a musical work. The project of svetomusic involves the creation of intelligent, informational, electronic panels and art-designs for visualizing music for the decoration of rooms.

At the modern technical level, it became possible to start developing this idea, with the possibility of creating successful commercial projects. Positive results in this direction have given us an understanding of the design aspects, audio signal processing algorithms, the necessity and types of interfaces, the principle of information transfer, interaction mechanisms, new principles for solving technical problems…

For the development of this direction, the practical implementation of the accumulated ideas, the creation of prototypes of devices, the development of the theory and principles of the influence of abstract visual images and music on the human psyche are necessary. Development and implementation of new ideas and modern approaches to this type of electronic art. The search for new technical solutions in the electronic filling, as well as the use of new design materials for the implementation of the project design.

The ch-svetomusic project invites creative people, people interested in this topic, people who are ready to invest their ideas and part of their funds in the development of this art direction, as well as become the first to be able to purchase the first exclusive prototypes of devices at the stage of development stages already, and be one of the first owners who will be able to get the first serial products, at cost, for the original decorative design of their home, apartment or modernization of their cafe, bar, office hall, hotels…

We invite you to join our project.

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RTMV - technology, visualization of music in real time. The project is undergoing final tests.